An android application for visually impaired people for making their smartphone usage more easier.This application is helpful for them to type in Bengali by using their existing braille knowledge.So it will be new smart tools in their daily life while using the smartphones.


“Dyslexia” is the term used for problems of spelling, reading, and writing. Many people are affected by Dyslexia to varying degrees. Often these difficulties are found in school children. Many grown people are also affected by it. Dyslexia is caused by both genetic and environmental factors. Like many countries of the world, it is also found in our country. So we want to develop some solutions for the sufferers. We can’t solve the genetic problems besides it but we may go for the solution to the environmental, structural, procedural problems.


Get Productive is an android app that will help you to decrease your screentime and make your time more productive. Keep your avatar happy by using your phone in a more time effective manner.  So don’t remain busy with your phone during your sleeping hours and get the best out of your working hours.


The smartphone is a blessing of modern technology. Nowadays children keep themselves busy with gadgets that is making them antisocial and which is also harmful to mental and physical health. The things they listen to or watch on the device screen put a great impact on them and they are getting used to it. Due to the advancement of technology, we should not deprive them of knowing the world rather help them use it optimally which will inspire to socialize with parents as well – that is what we want to do in our project – “Kid Box”. Smartphones have a positive and negative impact on our children. “Kid Box” is such kind of application that ensure the productive use of smartphone of parents by the kids. Actually, it will be an interface to establish a healthy parent-child relationship. We have tried to understand how children work and what they love to do whenever they have any devices. Actually, nowadays it’s very tough for the parents to keep away their kids from devices. Because kids always follow their parents. We just wanted to make sure that users will be productive by the kids with the interaction of their parents.
Features are added keeping in mind child psychology and parenting. So our kidbox will contain this types of features that will help our kids to make a friendly and charming relationship with their parents. Our app will also inspire our children to have healthy food and grow social awareness like tree plantation activities.


It is a common scenario today that people in social gatherings are less social and more busy with their phones or gadgets. It is rather ironic that people in social gatherings are less interactive and more indulged in virtual social life. Even as technology helps us understand how relational we truly are, the basic currency of social connection – face-to-face contact and simple conversation – is becoming marginalized. Our gadgets, therefore, create an illusion of connection. The danger, though, is that they also set up a new way of relating in which we are continually in touch – but emotionally detached.

Sound Barrier

People using earphones face accidents on the roads and railways due to carelessness. They frequently use their phones while walking in public places, which dramatically increases risks of injury. These risks are mostly related to divided attention. Most of them fail to notice car horns or train whistles and bring about their own demise. Such an overuse of earphones by pedestrians needs to be kept in check to keep them safe. The motivation behind “Sound Barrier” is to guide earphone usage to help users remain safe and sound in the day to day life.

Team Timer

Prolonged sitting poses significant risks to the health of workers and to the organizations they work for. Sedentary behaviors involve sitting or reclining, resulting in little or no physical activity energy expenditure. It is an important risk factor for a number of chronic diseases. As working people spend most of their adult life in the workplace, it is a key setting to measure and implement changes and reducing sedentary behavior. In most of the office, garments sector and other organizations, they are unaware of this issue. This is our primary problem.


People walk less than they required. According to science, an adult person requires 5000 steps walking to maintain sound health. Most of the people of our country do not fulfill this requirement. As a result heart disease, overweight problem, high blood pressure patients are common in our country. Dhaka is a megacity. But there are very few parks, fields, suitable walking roads than required. Most of the roads of Dhaka city are not suitable for walking all the time in a day. Some are suitable for a morning walk (Farmgate), some are for noon and some are for night walking. It creates a dilemma when to walk, where to walk. People living upstairs are unwilling to go out for a walk.

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