Data & Design Lab Collaboration with Liberation War Museum for Smart Education Platform and Digital Content for National Curriculum

Bangladesh is striving to close the gap in technology and education, and innovative approaches to learning are more crucial than ever. With recent shifts in the national curriculum, there’s a growing recognition of the need to integrate advanced technologies and better digital content into educational practices. At the forefront of this transformative wave is the Smart Learning Platform project, which has embarked on an ambitious project with the Liberation War Museum (LWM) to redefine the educational landscape. This initiative not only aligns with the country’s educational reforms but pushes the boundaries further by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into learning, setting a new precedent in the fusion of technology and education.

The project’s inception was rooted in the idea of using digital media to bring the Liberation War of Bangladesh closer to the young minds of the country. Targeting Class 6 and Class 7 students under the Bangladesh National Curriculum, the initial objective was to develop engaging video content that would showcase the museum’s wealth of information, artifacts, and historical documents. The aim was to ignite a spark of interest and understanding about this pivotal period in the nation’s history.

When DnD Lab was handed over this project, we envisioned a more interactive and immersive learning experience. Our proposal to integrate an AI system into the learning platform marked a significant leap from the conventional methods of history education. This innovative approach was designed to transform passive content consumption into an interactive, engaging process.

The integration of AI was multifaceted. One aspect involved interactive question formulation following the QuBAN (Query-Based Access to Neurons) method and multiple-choice questions embedded within the content, allowing students to actively engage and interact as they learned. This feature was not just about testing knowledge but about encouraging students to think critically and seek answers, with AI guiding them subtly rather than providing outright solutions.

Beyond individual learning, DnD Lab’s system encouraged group activities and home-based participation, expanding the learning environment beyond the traditional classroom. An AI chatbot was also introduced, serving as a virtual guide and assistant, helping students navigate through their educational journey.

Teachers were not left behind in this digital revolution. DnD Lab equipped educators with AI-driven tools for monitoring student performance and identifying areas for improvement. The AI system provided actionable insights and recommendations, enabling teachers to optimize their teaching strategies. Moreover, the system’s analytics capabilities allowed for a comprehensive overview of class performance, simplifying the assessment process.

Gamification elements were also a critical component of this project. The introduction of symbolic scoring systems, leaderboards, and rankings injected a sense of competition and achievement into the learning process, motivating students through playful yet educational challenges.

The project gained significant public attention following a press conference organized by LWM, where it was highlighted in major Bangladeshi media outlets like Daily Star, Prothom Alo, and Ekattor News. The initiative’s impact was further amplified through a Facebook live presentation on the Bangladesh Liberation War Museum’s page.

The project was brought to life by a team of dedicated individuals, including LWM Trustee Dr. Sarwar Ali, Trustee Mofidul Haque, Trustee, and Member Secretary Sara Zaker, along Dr. Moinul Islam Zaber, a Professor from the Computer Science and Engineering Department of Dhaka University, and Senior Lecturer Md. Abu Sayed from Independent University Bangladesh. The DnD Lab Team comprises students from various backgrounds including Khandoker Ashik Uz Zaman (Researcher and Developer), Ahsan Habib Nahid (Web Developer), Amit Roy (Content Creator), Md. Mehedi Hasan (AI Developer), and Abir Chakraborty Partha (AI Developer), played a pivotal role under the guidance of Dr. Moinul Islam Zaber and Md. Abu Sayed.

The Liberation War Museum’s Smart Learning Platform project by DnD Lab stands as a beacon of innovative educational practices in Bangladesh. It exemplifies how technology, particularly AI, can be harnessed to make learning history a more engaging, interactive, and effective process. This initiative not only honors the past but also paves the way for a future where education is enriched through the power of technology.

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